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The Ripples debut album The First Few was released in November 2013. It features a diverse set of tracks with genres ranging from blues to 60's pop and even jazz, and all with an infusion of folk sound. It was meant to give our fans a look into who we are and how we think about music; it was truly an indie effort. No fancy recording studios were used here - it was recorded in a variety of places over about six months. It was a labor of love, and we hope you enjoy it!

Live at the Rock & Roll Hotel is a selection of songs from one of our bigger shows to date, and also one of the first few shows that featured the band with its current iteration of players (the final addition being Zach Fore on lead guitar). The energy was great, and we were really feeling it that night. So, give it a listen, get an idea of how we sound live, and get inspired to come out and see us play!




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